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A metaphor is a literary figure of speech that describes a subject by asserting that it is, on some point of comparison, the same as another otherwise unrelated object. Metaphor is a type of analogy and is closely related to other rhetorical figures of speech that achieve their effects via association, comparison or resemblance including allegory, hyperbole and similie. A mixed metaphor is one that leaps from one identification to a second identification inconsistent with the first.

Source: Wikipedia

Thank you for visiting Mixed Metaphor’s, Oh My! I hope you are here to linger awhile, to read, ponder and play with the ideas and stories presented here, perhaps even leave a comment. Some of the stories are poetic, others musings, essays, or rants about the culture or the politics of the day, many are memories or snapshots of my journey growing up in the Midwest, beginning in the 1950s. I invite your comments and even appreciate a little snarkiness. I simply ask visitors to be respectful, as if you were invited into my home, and I promise to do the same.

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