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Another Trip to the Hotel Bar

“Connectedness. One thing leads to another. Often in unexpected ways.” ― Holly Goldberg Sloan

One never knows what will happen when you cross the threshold of a bar, take a seat on a barstool, and engage in conversation with the friendly bartender. After a couple of drinks, you might find yourself sharing your life story. Bartenders, by their very nature and skill set, are proxy confessors, stand-ins for our spiritual leaders and moral authorities. Sometimes, a bartender in turn, will reveal details about their own life. This is one of those stories. Continue reading

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Hotel Bar

“A recovering alcoholic walks into a hotel bar…”

You may be surprised on how this story ends. I’m the recovering alcoholic — that’s not a surprise to most of my readers — yet soon I will be scouting locations for my new web series, Hotel Bar. No worries, I won’t be drinking anything that contains alcohol during my site visits, but I will ultimately tell a story or two about a subject I know about, bars, bartenders, and the stories they hear. Continue reading

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