Voting: Our Right & Responsibility

Today’s rant. First let me drive some stakes: I’m not an economist, I’m not a politician, and I’m not a financial expert of any kind, yet I am a hard-working American citizen, born into a a working-class, blue-collar family where I received a strong work ethic. Both parents worked full-time jobs and my father also held part-time cleaning jobs (churches and our public library where us kids also took turns helping) so they could raise their family of six children.

I started working as a babysitter at the age of 11, first summers taking care of my siblings, then the children of multiple teachers at my middle school, and neighbors. I worked my first service job at 16 as a waitress, food prep, and short order cook for my Aunt and Uncles’ diner. After going to college, I returned to work full-time and for many years worked with my hands, then later in the service and information industries. I’ve worked for almost 55 years as I’ve witnessed both my value as an employee decrease, and my pay stagnate, or worse, reorganized into a lesser paying job.

Here’s my point: Corporate special interests like the Koch Brothers, PACs, lobbyists, and many of our local state and federal leaders and legislators who take their campaign contributions in exchange for special favors are decimating our economy. When 1% possesses most of the wealth, our economy will continue to stagnate. Until the minimum wage is raised significantly, healthcare and childcare costs made more affordable, and the unemployed and underemployed workers can make a sustainable, livable wage, our economy will remain flat-lined. Working families, vets, homeless and the poor, need meaningful work and a livable wage which will STIMULATE THE ECONOMY.

Credit: Nick Anderson of the Houston Chronicle

Credit: Nick Anderson of the Houston Chronicle

This is my plea to the rank and file American. Don’t let the Tea Party, conservative right, and/or corporate special interests determine your well-being and your future. VOTING HAS NEVER BEEN MORE IMPORTANT! Become informed about every candidate at every level of government and cast your vote.

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