Sunday Morning Daydream

I’m content to be present
in the here and now,
while I wait for the where and when,
the todays and tomorrows
that will make the yesterdays, ours.
Joan Armatrading weaves her bluesy
lyrics of love and longing,
of heartache and yearning,
jazzy downbeats and syncopated rhythms
bounce in the background while I write.
Her fingers dance on electric guitar strings,
flutter like hummingbird wings,
sound waves vibrate in bass notes,
a conversation, call and response
deep in my body.
Joan’s song my anthem, “Love and Affection”
“With a friend I can smile
but with a lover
I could hold my head back
I could really laugh
really laugh…
Little darling
I believe you could help me a lot
just take my hand
and lead me where you will
no conversation
no wave goodnight
just make love
with affection.”

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