Following are links to some of my favorite things beginning with A Room of One’s Own Bookstore which also qualifies as a favorite place because it’s full of some of my favorite things, books in print that I can open in my hands and read. It’s important that we support   independent booksellers so they can keep their doors open. Next is my sister Tami’s jewelry, The Bohemian Bauble, First Person Productions by Sarah E. White, a memoir-writing instructor and one of my mentors,  Our Lives magazine in which I co-edit a poetry and prose feature entitled, Our Storytellers, Queery, a weekly LGBT issues and news show on WORT-FM, True Stories Well Told, Sarah E. White’s blog, Verse Wisconsin, an online poetry journal and resource, Whad’ya Know?, comedy, interview, and quiz radio show, hosted by Michael Feldman and produced by Wisconsin Public Radio, and two annual events which are not to be missed, the Wisconsin Book Festival and the Wisconsin Film Festival.

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