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Linda Lenzke, Writer & Storyteller

Do you have a story to tell?

Let me help you tell it. I’ve been telling stories since I was a child. I learned from the best, grandparents and parents, oral historians and born storytellers, who remembered every person they ever met, who could spin a yarn, capture your attention, add and subtract details in the service of the tale, embellish when needed, and leave you with a memorable story or life lesson. They employed humor and wisdom and passed on oral traditions. My legacy is that both in my vocations and avocations, I became a writer and storyteller.

Here’s why I can help. I possess 30 years of business writing and editing experience in the printing, sales and marketing, account management, business development, public relations, graphic design and publishing worlds.

  • Four of those years were as a project manager for a public relations firm where I edited a number of magazines in addition to my role as print production manager.
  • Over the years I’ve established and nurtured a network of collaborative relationships with service providers and partners including printers and creative service bureaus, advertising agencies, designers, copywriters, editors, photographers, illustrators, radio and video producers, and web and social media designers and consultants. I have a lot of “go to people” who can help me help you.
  • In my avocations I’ve been a creative writer, a poet and memoirist, and founding member of the LGBTQ Narratives Activist-Writers group; I’ve written and performed stand-up comedy, spoken-word monologues, and authored and produced plays. I’ve edited a poetry and prose feature for Our Lives magazine and have self-published poetry chapbooks. For the University of Wisconsin – Madison, I conducted and recorded oral history interviews. Current projects include a memoir entitled, Perfectly Flawed and writing for my blog www.mixedmetaphorsohmy.com

Here’s how I can help. Perhaps you have a story to tell, but not the time to tell it. Maybe you don’t know how or where to start and you could use a little guidance or nudge to begin, meet your deadlines or finish. I can be that second pair of eyes or sounding board to bounce off ideas and provide feedback. Do you have a website, but the content is two years old? You already lived the personal narrative, created the brand story or marketing plan. You simply need help telling your story. That’s where I come in.

Linda Lenzke, Storyteller. Photo Credit: Eric Baillies for Our Lives Magazine

Linda Lenzke, Storyteller. Photo Credit: Eric Baillies for Our Lives Magazine

When, where and how do we begin? Contact me by completing the form below. We’ll setup a time to talk. The initial meeting is a free consultation and an opportunity for me to hear your story. After learning the scope and timeline for the project, I’ll put together an estimate —a menu of options and services for you to choose from.

You have a story to tell. Let me help you tell it.





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